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William B Travis High School

William B Travis High School

William B Travis High School is a public high school in Fort Bend County, Texas. Established in 2003, it serves students from grades 9-12 and has established itself as a top-performing school in the area.

With a focus on academic excellence and college readiness, William B Travis High School offers its students a variety of programs and resources to ensure their success both during their high school years and beyond. You Could Try This Out

The school was named after William Barret Travis, an American lawyer, and soldier during the Texas Revolution. Known for his bravery and leadership during the Battle of the Alamo, he has become an iconic figure in Texan history.

Similarly, William B Travis High School seeks to inspire its students to embody his determination and courage by providing rigorous academic programs and opportunities for personal growth through extracurricular activities.

History and Background of William B Travis High School

Established years ago, the institution has a rich and intricate past that sheds light on its present state. William B Travis High School was founded in 1983 Fort Bend County, Texas. The school is named after William Barret Travis, who served as a commander during the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.

Initially, the school only had ninth and tenth-grade students. Still, it expanded over time to accommodate eleventh and twelfth-grade students. It has an extensive list of successful alumni who are prominent figures in various fields, such as sports, music, arts, business, and politics.

Today, William B Travis High School has a diverse student population from different backgrounds. The faculty comprises experienced teachers and staff who provide quality education to prepare students for higher education and careers.

Academic Programs and Curriculum Offered

The academic programs and curriculum options offered are diverse, catering to the varying needs and interests of the students. At William B Travis High School, providing their students with a well-rounded education is essential for their success beyond high school.

The core academic subjects include English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Still, they offer elective courses covering Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Career Technology Education (CTE), and Physical Education.

Their CTE program is comprehensive and allows students to explore various career pathways. Below are some of the courses they offer as examples:

1. Business Management

2. Culinary Arts Pop Over To This Website

3. Health Science

4. Information Technology

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, they provide opportunities for hands-on learning through internships and apprenticeships in partnership with local businesses and organizations. William B Travis High School aims to equip its learners with the necessary skills to succeed in college and achieve prosperous careers in the workforce upon graduation.

Extracurricular Activities and Student Life

William B Travis High School

You’ll be amazed at the variety of extracurricular activities and student life options at William B Travis High School.

The school offers over 50 clubs and organizations, from academic teams like debate and robotics to cultural groups such as Asian Student Association and Latinx Unidos.

There are also various sports teams, including football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, cross country, track & field, swimming & diving, and wrestling.

In addition to these clubs and sports teams, students can participate in the performing arts through choir, band, or theater programs.

The school’s theater program has received numerous awards for its productions, while the band consistently earns top honors at competitions.

William B Travis High School offers its students a comprehensive experience that includes numerous opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities beyond the classroom.

Technology and Learning Resources Available

Get excited about the technology and learning resources at William B Travis High School! This campus has state-of-the-art facilities and tools designed to enhance your learning experience.

The school has a robust online platform where students can access course materials, homework assignments, and other important information. The platform allows accessible communication between teachers and students through email or discussion forums.

The school library is another fantastic resource available to students. It boasts an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and reference materials that cater to different interests and fields of study. Additionally, the library provides access to various online databases such as JSTOR, EBSCOhost, and ProQuest, which contain scholarly articles and academic journals.

With these tools, students have ample opportunities to research for class projects or personal curiosity outside of class time. Overall, William B Travis High School offers a conducive environment for learning powered by advanced technology and comprehensive resources.

College and Career Readiness Programs and Support

The campus offers various programs and resources to support students’ readiness for college and career paths. William B Travis High School provides numerous initiatives that prepare students for future endeavors, including the College Readiness Program, Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, and Dual Credit opportunities.

The College Readiness Program is designed to guide students in navigating the college application process. The program equips them with essential skills such as financial aid planning, scholarship search strategies, and test preparation resources.

Additionally, Travis High School partners with local colleges to provide Dual Credit classes that enable students to earn college recognition while still in high school. CTE courses offer hands-on training in various fields, such as culinary arts, automotive technology, and healthcare science, that lead to industry-recognized certifications. These programs equip students with practical skills and knowledge that are highly valued by employers in today’s job market.

Overall, William B Travis High School’s commitment to preparing its students for post-secondary education or workforce success is evident through its campus’s extensive programs and resources.


In conclusion, William B Travis High School has a rich history. It offers its students a variety of educational programs and extracurricular activities. The academy is dedicated to providing the best learning resources and technology to enhance student education. Additionally, the college and career readiness programs at Travis High School prepare students for their future beyond high school.

Overall, William B Travis High School is dedicated to ensuring that every student acquires a quality education that prepares them for conquest in life. With its vital academic programs, extensive extracurricular activities, advanced technology resources, and comprehensive college and career readiness programs, Travis High School provides an exceptional educational experience for its students.

It’s no wonder it has become one of the most sought-after schools in the district.

Important Information:

Monday – Friday, 8 AM–1 PM

Saturday – Sunday , Closed