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Travis Heights Elementary School

Travis Heights Elementary School

Travis Heights Elementary School is a public elementary school located in the Travis Heights neighborhood of Austin, Texas. The school serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade and has a diverse student population representing various backgrounds and cultures. Established in 1939, Travis Heights Elementary School has a rich history and has been recognized for its academic excellence, community involvement, and innovative programs.

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History and Establishment of Travis Heights Elementary School

Travis Heights Elementary School was established in 1939 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the Great Depression. The school was built to serve the growing community of Travis Heights, which was rapidly developing in the 1930s. The original building was a single-story structure with six classrooms, a library, and an auditorium.

Over the years, Travis Heights Elementary School has undergone several renovations and expansions to accommodate the growing student population and changing needs of the community. In 2011, the school underwent a major renovation, which included the construction of a new two-story building, a library, a gymnasium, and other facilities.

Academic Programs and Achievements

Travis Heights Elementary School has a strong academic program and is recognized for its commitment to student success. The school offers a wide range of programs and resources to support student’s learning and growth, including bilingual education, special education, and gifted and talented programs.

In addition to its academic programs, Travis Heights Elementary School has been recognized for its innovative and community-focused initiatives. In 2012, the school was awarded the National Green Ribbon School Award for its commitment to sustainability and environmental education. The school has also been recognized for its community involvement and partnerships, including its collaboration with the Austin Parks Foundation to create a community garden on the school grounds.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Travis Heights Elementary School is known for its diverse and inclusive community. The school serves students from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and socio-economic statuses and is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students and families. Get more

Travis Heights Elementary School

The school has several programs and initiatives to support diversity and inclusivity, including its bilingual education program, which serves students who speak Spanish as their first language. The school also has a strong focus on social and emotional learning, which promotes empathy, understanding, and respect for others.

Community Involvement and Partnerships

Travis Heights Elementary School has a strong tradition of community involvement and partnerships. The school works closely with local organizations, businesses, and volunteers to support its academic programs and initiatives and to create a welcoming and supportive environment for students and families.

One notable partnership is with the Travis Heights Art Trail, a community event that showcases the work of local artists in the Travis Heights neighborhood. The school hosts a children’s art exhibit as part of the Art Trail, and the event serves as a fundraiser for the school’s art program.

Another partnership is with the Austin Parks Foundation, which has helped to create a community garden on the school grounds. The garden provides a space for students and families to learn about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating and has become a popular gathering place for the Travis Heights community.

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Travis Heights Elementary School is a dynamic and innovative public elementary school that has a rich history and a strong commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and community involvement. The school has a long tradition of serving the Travis Heights neighborhood and has become an integral part of the community. With its focus on student success, innovation, and inclusivity, Travis Heights Elementary School is a model for public education and a testament to the power of community engagement and collaboration.

Important Information Need to Know 

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