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The Austin Yacht Club

Austin Yacht Club

The Austin Yacht Club is a premier sailing and boating organization in the heart of Texas. Established in 1951, the club has been a hub for sailors and yacht enthusiasts for over 70 years.

With its stunning views of Lake Travis, the Austin Yacht Club offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature while pampering in the thrill of water sports.

The club caters to members of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professional sailors. The Austin Yacht Club offers various programs and events throughout the year, such as sailing lessons, regattas, social gatherings, and more.

Members can also use the club’s amenities, including boat storage facilities, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and dining options.

Whether you want to improve your skills or appreciate a day out on the water with friends and family, the Austin Yacht Club has something for everyone.

Sailing Facilities

The Austin Yacht Club is a premier sailing destination on Lake Travis in Texas. The club boasts state-of-the-art sailing facilities that cater to sailors of all levels.

Members can enjoy access to various boats, ranging from dinghies to keelboats. The club’s sailing facilities include a large marina with over 170 slips for boats, boat launch ramps, and dry storage facilities for sailboats. There are also multiple docks and piers available for members to use.

In addition, the club has an extensive range of services and amenities, including sail repair services, boat maintenance workshops, and a well-stocked chandlery. Browse this site

All these facilities make the Austin Yacht Club one of the most sought-after sailing destinations in the region.

Member Benefits

After exploring the top-notch sailing facilities at the Austin Yacht Club, it’s time to delve into the many benefits that members can enjoy. Members of the Austin Yacht Club are part of a community passionate about sailing and boating. They have access to unique opportunities and resources that non-members do not.

One of the unique benefits of being a member of the Austin Yacht Club is access to exclusive events throughout the year. From regattas to social gatherings, members have ample chances to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for sailing.

Additionally, members can take advantage of discounted rates on equipment rentals, lessons, and other club services. The Austin Yacht Club also provides members with reciprocal privileges at other yacht clubs worldwide, opening up a world of possibilities for sailing enthusiasts.

Being part of an organization like the Austin Yacht Club offers more than just access to facilities and resources; it’s about joining a community of people with similar interests and values. Membership brings sailors from all backgrounds and experience levels, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can learn from each other.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or want to connect with others who love sailing as much as you do, becoming a member of the Austin Yacht Club is an excellent way.

Educational Events

The Austin Yacht Club is not just a place for yacht racing enthusiasts to gather and compete. The club also offers educational events for members and the community.

These events allow people to learn about various aspects of sailing, yacht maintenance, and safety. Throughout the year, the Austin Yacht Club holds educational events such as seminars on navigation techniques, weather forecasting, and marine biology.

Members can also participate in hands-on workshops covering sail repair, engine maintenance, and knot-tying. By providing these learning opportunities, the club aims to foster a love of sailing in its members while promoting water safety.

Racing Opportunities

Austin Yacht Club

For those seeking to test their sailing skills and compete against other sailors, the Austin Yacht Club offers a variety of racing opportunities. These events cater to sailors of all levels, from beginners to experienced racers. Find out why

The club hosts regular races yearly, including weekly club races, regattas, and championship events.

Here are just a few of the racing opportunities available at the Austin Yacht Club:

1. Wednesday Night Races – These casual races occur every Wednesday evening during summer and are open to all members.

2. Spring and Fall Regattas – These weekend-long events bring together sailors from across Texas for competitive racing.

3. Governor’s Cup – This annual championship event attracts top sailors from around the country for a weekend of intense competition on Lake Travis.

With such a diverse range of racing opportunities available, there is something for everyone at the Austin Yacht Club. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or enjoy the thrill of competition, these events offer a chance to experience the best sailing offers.

Social Events

Social events are an integral part of the Austin Yacht Club’s culture. The club hosts various events throughout the year, including holiday parties, cocktail receptions, and themed dinners. These events allow members to connect in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

In addition to traditional social gatherings, the Austin Yacht Club offers various activities designed to unite members around shared interests. There is something for everyone, from book clubs to wine tastings to poker nights.

These events foster camaraderie among members and create lasting memories and friendships that extend beyond the club’s walls. Whether someone is new to the Austin Yacht Club or has been a member for years, they are sure to find an event that piques their interest and brings them closer to their fellow members.

Community Involvement

The Austin Yacht Club values community involvement as an essential aspect of its organization. They strive to not only enhance the experiences of their members but also positively impact the surrounding community.

The Austin Yacht Club involves itself in the community through its outreach programs. They offer sailing lessons and camps to underprivileged youth, providing them with opportunities they may not have otherwise been able to experience.

Additionally, they host events such as regattas and races open to the public, bringing together individuals from all walks of life for a day on the water.

The Austin Yacht Club also participates in local environmental initiatives, working towards preserving and protecting the natural beauty of Lake Travis and its surrounding areas.

Through these efforts, they hope to foster a sense of unity and give back to the community that has supported them for over half a century.

In summary, the Austin Yacht Club recognizes the importance of community involvement and strives to be an active member. From offering sailing lessons and camps to underprivileged youth, hosting public events on Lake Travis, and participating in environmental initiatives, they aim to impact those around them positively. By doing so, they hope to strengthen relationships within the community while giving back in meaningful ways.


The Austin Yacht Club offers a fantastic experience for sailing enthusiasts of all levels. With top-of-the-line sailing facilities and access to Lake Travis, members can enjoy the thrill of racing or simply leisurely cruising on the water.

In addition to sailing, members can access numerous benefits, such as discounts on equipment and educational events. For those looking to improve their sailing skills, the club offers various educational events, including classes and seminars. Racing opportunities are also available for those seeking a competitive edge.

Yet, it’s about more than sailing at the Austin Yacht Club – social events allow members to connect with other sailors and build lasting relationships. Overall, the Austin Yacht Club offers everything from experienced sailors to beginners.

The community involvement is vital and welcoming, making it an excellent place for anyone interested in learning more about this incredible sport. As a club member, you’ll have access to some of the best facilities and resources. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

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Wednesday – Saturday (9AM – 5PM)

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