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Pool Deck Ideas for Any Kind of Pool

Pool Deck Ideas for Any Kind of Pool

The pool is a very interesting place to be for a variety of reasons, and having a great deck just adds to the aesthetic and the sheer enjoyment there is to get from using your outdoor space. The thing is, you likely need the right inspiration to pull off the deck to the best of your ability, which is why you’re here.

Sometimes the best way to get that inspiration is to look at what others have done with theirs or to at least get a description of what it looks like so you can then go wild with your own deck.

Contrasting Colors Are Your Friend

People often think that they need to go for complimentary colors in their pool decks, which is as far from the truth as you can get. While it is true that complementary colors will obviously blend well together, that’s not the only way that it can go.

You can contrast colors in various elements of your pool decking too to great success. It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones to contrast. You can’t use two bright colors as they will begin to clash and create an eyesore. Instead, put a neutral color with a non-neutral color and watch your pool area begin to shine.

The Boulder Border

This is one of the bolder choices, and yes, that pun was very much intended. While there may be flowers or other similar ideas that can give a more subtle visual, you’d be surprised to see the extent to which the use of a boulder border can highlight your pool immensely, while creating a great habitat for wildlife alongside, having a great place to jump in and take a load off.

What About Stairs?

Swimming pools incorporate stairs in their decking all the time. Of course, you have to ensure that you are doing it right. Effectively, you need stairs that will fit right in with the contours of the natural line of your pool to ensure that it is framed in the best light possible.

The best part is that there are multiple ways to go about this one design style for your in-ground pool. One of these is a multi-level deck complete with winding stairs. This is a great idea if you have a freeform pool and you really want the swimming pool deck to play off of that.

If easy access is what is more important, then you could just opt for a low-to-the-ground deck that makes access super easy. In this case, the simple stairs and the lower deck complement the edges of a rectangular pool if that is the type you have.

Hot Tub Frame

Not everyone will have a swimming pool for their backyard retreat or to chill on those days when they just want to relax/ be that as it may, it doesn’t need to be a hindrance. The relaxing visual and feel of a pool can be applied to other similar areas such as hot tubs. Different shades of wood, tiles, vibrant rugs, and more can go well with the hot tub to give you that kind of escape that you desire from the pool.

Weathered Wood Decking

Another simple and elegant selection is to go for weathered wood. The simple grey visual is greater for complementing the rectangular shape of a fiberglass pool if that is what you are working with.

Rustic aesthetics can be incredible but it’s all about knowing how and when to use them and this is the time. It, alongside the minimal coping, blends well to give a smooth sense of beauty.

The best part is that any fiberglass pool can benefit from this look and style of decking. You don’t even necessarily need to do it with wooden planks if you aren’t too keen on doing so. Perhaps you may want to use mahogany for a more forest-inspired kind of backdrop. Go for it!

Concrete and Gravel Mixture

Mixing pool deck materials is not something you probably considered before but it can be a great option. A good way to go about it is to have a decking made of concrete slab, with a custom design around various zones of the pool. Instead of edging it with grout, you can do it with another pool deck material in the form of gravel, which then gives you a custom and modern feel that you will love.

Green Borders

Are you big on greenery and nature? If so, then maybe, you don’t want a standard concrete deck. There’s nothing wrong with this as your fascination with greenery can be used to great effect to beautify your pool. Have a lawn or some shrubs to surround the area.

This is also great as their presence can help the air quality on those hot summer days when you want to just have a refreshing dip.

What About Bamboo?

When you have a great backyard pool with beautiful surrounding decking, you’ll want to be outside more than you are inside. The question is, how do you get that great space outside? Well, you can try having a bamboo deck set up. If you want to complement it well, a couple of round daybeds or even some bamboo-themed lounge chairs can do the trick.

Two-toned Minimalist Pool Deck

This design is suited for a ground-level deck and it happens to be very straightforward. The use of the two tones will elevate it greatly. While the darker hue will frame the pool, it will also highlight the lighter tone that you will use for the bulk of the walking area.

Bear in mind too that such a light color over an extensive surface means that the area will likely be much cooler even when hit by sunlight.

Stone Pavers Are Great

Here is another great one for pool enthusiasts. This works well for those who may have a multifunction pool. In other words, while it may be for sunbathing, there may also be backyard events such as grilling or small parties that take place by the poolside.

If so, you’ll want an eye-catching design. Why not opt for some natural stone pavers? These will work great in a mosaic pattern. if you really want it to stand out, perhaps some tall grass nearby works well as there will be somewhere cool to stand from time to time.

Traditional Meets Modern

As is the case with colors, it’s very much possible to blend traditional and modern pool elements to create a stunning result. If you have a traditional rectangular pool, this one is for you. Alongside it, you’re gonna integrate stone-look coming in your deck with a pattern that combines dark and light tones.

Doing this means that the pool will have a bright and cheery look during the daytime, with an intimate and warmer feel at night.

bear in mind that other materials can be used to achieve the same thing such as teak wood balanced with brown. There’s even concrete that presents a viable option.

How Does a Lawn Sound?

Earlier the idea of greenery was mentioned on a smaller scale, but what if you were to improve on that? What if you had a lush lawn with dedicated walkways throughout your deck? Some people are simply not a fan of the traditional stone variations and want the surrounding nature to complement their spaces. if you are that kind of person, this is the option that you need.

A Mosaic Tile Border

Even considering the subheading, you can mix textures here, which will do well to enhance the visual appeal of the pool. For example, you can have a white stucco privacy fence complete with a half-glass wall. This can be combined with a wood deck and a mosaic tile design for the edge of the pool.

A Pool House Doesn’t Hurt

So, putting in this option may feel like cheating in a sense, since the focus is on the deck, but it’s a great idea, especially for your guests. Design your pool house with a stunning view so when people come for a visit, they can be blown away by the sheer beauty of the pool.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply have a sliding door that faces the pool. Such a modern design allows the pool’s hues to go inside. Of course, the poolside guest house itself needs to have the kind of colors that blend well into everything else that was happening.

Night Swim Optimization

How many people op[timize their pool deck for night swimming? If you intend to use your pool at night, it’s something you pretty much need to do.

Pulling it off is not as difficult as you may think. It just takes having the appropriate mood lighting. Pool lights are a game changer in every sense of the word. Throw in some hurricane candles and you’re well on your way to the peaks of beauty.

The Right Furniture Is a Must

There are a lot of furniture options out there that will go well by your poolside. The challenge comes in identifying the ones that will blend the best with the aesthetic. Color is a part of it, but there is also the material element. If your deck is going to be wood-based, then perhaps similar pool chairs are recommended.

If you have the space, you can incorporate pool tables too. If not, maybe just the lounge chairs are fine. The idea is to have a good look and not to have everything you can possibly find squeezed in.

Try Throwing in a Fire Pit

It might sound out of left field, but this may be exactly the kind of pick-me-up that your deck needs. regardless of whether you use wood decking materials, you’ll want to have concrete flooring under the fire pit for obvious reasons.

Not only will it not combust as wood does, but it is also very affordable, and low maintenance too!

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many ways to go about the decking options for your pool. Feel free to use any of the options above, modify them, or even combine them!

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