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Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina is a popular destination for boaters and water enthusiasts in Austin, Texas. Located on Lake Travis, it offers a range of amenities, including boat rentals, slip rentals, fueling stations, and a store stocked with everything from snacks to fishing gear.

The marina has been serving the local community since 1950. Over the years, it has undergone significant renovations to keep up with changing demands. Show More

Today, Marshall Ford Marina continues to be a hub of activity for those looking to enjoy all that Lake Travis offers. With its prime location and excellent facilities, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this marina as their go-to spot for fun on the water.

Boating And Water Recreation At Marshall Ford Marina, Lake Travis

Marshall Ford Marina is a popular destination for boating and water recreation enthusiasts on the beautiful Lake Travis.

The marina offers an array of amenities that cater to visitors’ needs, making it the perfect spot for a fun-filled day out on the water.

Boaters can take advantage of the many services available at Marshall Ford Marina, including boat rentals, repairs, and fueling stations. Additionally, plenty of areas are designated for quickly launching boats into the lake.

With its scenic views and vast waters to explore, Lake Travis attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to enjoy all that Marshall Ford Marina has to offer.

Renting Boats And Equipment At Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina offers a wide range of boat rentals and equipment for visitors who enjoy water recreation activities.

From pontoon boats to jet skis, there is something for everyone at the marina.

Boat rentals are available by the hour or for full-day use. Visitors can choose from various boats, including fishing, skiing, and party barges.

Additionally, Marshall Ford Marina provides all necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets and flotation devices. Wakeboards, tubes, and skis are also available for rent for those needing additional equipment.

With so many options, visitors can find the perfect vessel to suit their needs at Marshall Ford Marina.

Slip Rentals And Mooring Services At Marshall Ford Marina

After renting boats and equipment at Marshall Ford Marina, it’s time to consider slip rentals and mooring services.

The marina offers a variety of options for those who want to dock their boat or rent a slip. Slip rental rates vary depending on the size of the vessel and the duration of stay.

Marshall Ford Marina also provides mooring services for customers who wish to keep their boats in the water but not necessarily dock them. This service includes regular maintenance checks by experienced staff members to ensure that each vessel is safe and secure while anchored. More information

Additionally, each slip rental or mooring service package offers several amenities, such as access to showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities.

– 24/7 security surveillance

– Fueling station nearby

– On-site restaurant and bar

– Accessible parking lot

– Boat launch ramp

With these options available, visitors can enjoy all aspects of boating without worrying about storage or safety concerns. Whether one needs a long-term docking space or wants to anchor for a few days, Marshall Ford Marina has something for everyone looking for slip rentals or mooring services.

Fishing Opportunities And Locations Near Marshall Ford Marina

Fishing lovers will find plenty of opportunities to cast their lines near Marshall Ford Marina. The marina is situated on the banks of Lake Travis, a popular fishing spot known for its diverse range of fish species.

Anglers can expect to catch largemouth bass, catfish, and sunfish around Marshall Ford Marina. Many local guides offer charters that take visitors to prime fishing locations throughout the lake.

Additionally, there are several public parks and boat ramps nearby where fishermen can launch their boats or rent them from local outfitters. Whether you’re a professional angler or just starting, Marshall Ford Marina provides ample options for those looking to reel in a big catch in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Travis.

Exploring Local Dining And Entertainment Around Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina

After a long day on the water, visitors to Marshall Ford Marina may find themselves craving some good food and entertainment. Luckily, there are plenty of options in the surrounding area for those looking to explore local dining and entertainment.

Those seeking delicious cuisine can head over to Oasis Texas Brewing Company or The County Line BBQ for some mouthwatering meals. These two restaurants offer great patio views overlooking Lake Travis while serving specialty dishes that showcase Texas flavors.

Visitors can also check out nearby eateries like Hula Hut, Lucy’s Fried Chicken, and Iguana Grill for more diverse menu options.

As for entertainment, guests can enjoy live music performances at Poodie’s Hilltop Roadhouse or catch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline.

With so many choices available within proximity, planning a visit that includes both marina services and exploring the surrounding areas is easy with just a bit of research beforehand.

Planning A Visit To Marshall Ford Marina: Directions And Tips

If you are looking for an exciting day trip from Austin, Marshall Ford Marina is the perfect destination. Located just 30 minutes outside of downtown Austin, this marina offers stunning views of Lake Travis and endless opportunities for water activities.

To reach Marshall Ford Marina:

  1. Take Ranch Road 620 until Hudson Bend Road.
  2. Turn onto Hudson Bend Road and continue straight until you see the entrance to the marina on your left-hand side.
  3. Remember that parking can be limited during peak season, so arriving early or planning ahead with a reservation is best.

Once parked, head to the primary office, where friendly staff members will assist you with boat rentals, fueling options, and any other questions about your visit.

– Check out their website before visiting for special deals and promotions

– Bring sunscreen, snacks, and plenty of water as there are no convenient stores nearby

– Try renting a jet ski or pontoon boat for a fun-filled day on the lake

– Consider bringing fishing gear if you’re interested in catching some freshwater fish

With its prime location near Austin and breathtaking scenery overlooking Lake Travis, Marshall Ford Marina is a must-visit destination for individuals looking to enjoy all Texas offers.

So pack up your swimsuits and towels and head over there today!

The Role Of Marshall Ford Marina In The Lake Travis Community

After arriving at Marshall Ford Marina, visitors will quickly learn about its vital role in the Lake Travis community.

The marina serves as a hub for recreational and boating activities on the lake, offering boat rentals, storage facilities, and fuel services to locals and tourists.

Not only does Marshall Ford Marina provide essential amenities for those enjoying Lake Travis, but its contribution to local events is also noteworthy.

The marina hosts several annual events that bring together members of the community, such as fishing tournaments and fireworks displays.

With its dedication to providing quality service and fostering a sense of community among lake-goers, Marshall Ford Marina has become an integral part of life on Lake Travis.


In conclusion, Marshall Ford Marina offers a range of activities and services for boating enthusiasts and water recreation lovers.

With boat rentals, equipment rentals, slip rentals, mooring services, and fishing opportunities available, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Lake Travis to its fullest extent.

Additionally, exploring the area’s local dining and entertainment options adds an extra layer of fun to any visit.

As a member of the Lake Travis community, Marshall Ford Marina plays an essential role in providing access to the lake’s recreational opportunities while supporting local businesses.

Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just looking for a weekend getaway by the water, Marshall Ford Marina is worth checking out!

Important information:

  • Location: 12816 Park Dr, Austin, TX 78732, United States
  • Phone: +15122661559
  • Website:
  • Operation time: Monday – Sunday (9 AM – 5:30 PM)