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Gregory Gymnasium

Gregory Gymnasium

Gregory Gymnasium has seen many changes over its 90-year lifespan: from its humble beginnings as a single basketball court with no air conditioning or heat to its current state as one of the largest recreational facilities on campus. But despite these changes, some constants have remained true throughout the years, namely its status as an important social hub for students on campus. Here you can find everything from group exercise classes to intramural sports leagues – all under one roof.

A Brief History Of Gregory Gymnasium: How It Came To Be

Gregory Gymnasium in Austin, Texas, has a long and interesting history. Initiated to facilitate physical fitness and wellness among the student populace of the University of Texas at Austin, the notion was warmly welcomed not only by the academic management but also by the institution’s esteemed alumni. The intent was to establish a dedicated space on the campus premises that would enable students to engage in various physical activities and lead healthy lifestyles.

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The gymnasium opened in 1930 with great fanfare from its supporters. The diligent efforts of the parties involved yielded a significant achievement in which they take great pride. Over many years, Gregory Gymnasium has continued to hold a vital role in the overall University of Texas experience, serving as a distinguished venue for a variety of sporting events, intramural competitions, fitness classes, student organizational meetings, and an array of additional functions.

Today, Gregory Gym continues to be an important part of life at UT Austin. The institution’s cutting-edge equipment and facilities offer a conducive environment for students to engage in physical activities, foster camaraderie with peers, and participate in competitive tournaments or leagues. And that’s not all – visitors can also enjoy recreational activities like rock climbing walls or swimming pools! With so much going on inside Gregory Gymnasium today, there is something for everyone, no matter what your interests may be.

With this brief overview of how Gregory Gymnasium came into being, now let’s explore what you can expect when visiting this iconic building right here on campus.

Gregory Gymnasium

What You Can Expect When Visiting Gregory Gymnasium

Upon your arrival at Gregory Gymnasium, you will encounter a contemporary establishment that has been catering to the Austin populace for over ninety years. This facility boasts a plethora of fitness chambers and courts, complemented by an array of premium features, including saunas, pools, and other remarkable amenities. There are also many classes offered at Gregory Gymnasium for all levels of physical fitness. 

The staff at Gregory Gymnasium is friendly and knowledgeable about the variety of activities available onsite. The organization demonstrates a willingness to address any inquiries regarding its services or programs. Additionally, they extend preferential pricing to scholars affiliated with UT Austin who enroll in their offerings. This link

Gregory Gymnasium provides an ideal atmosphere for both recreation and exercise – no matter what your goals may be. You’ll feel right at home when you come here; after all, it has become an important part of life in Austin throughout its 90-year history! With such a strong legacy behind it, it’s no wonder why the University of Texas at Austin is proud to call this place home.

Why The University Of Texas At Austin Is Proud To Call Gregory Gymnasium Home

The University of Texas at Austin is proud to call Gregory Gymnasium home. From pickup basketball games to yoga classes, there’s something for everyone at Gregory Gymnasium!

Gregory Gym is so much more than just a place to work out – it’s also where Longhorn pride runs deep. It’s the site of many prestigious sporting events throughout the year, from football games on Saturdays in the fall semester to swimming competitions during spring break. And when game days come around, you can always count on seeing orange-clad fans cheering their team on from inside or outside the arena walls! 

At Gregory Gymnasium, you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities that offer everything needed for physical activity. There are several fitness studios with equipment ranging from treadmills and ellipticals to power racks and platforms for weightlifting exercises. On top of that, there are numerous courts available indoors or outdoors depending on your preference: two full-size basketball courts; two volleyball courts; one badminton court; three racquetball courts; four squash courts…just name it! No matter what sport you’re into, chances are they’ve got something here that suits your needs perfectly – making this a great destination no matter what time of year it may be.

Gregory Gymnasium provides so much more than exercise opportunities – it gives us all an opportunity to share our love for UT Austin with others through fellowship activities like intramural sports leagues or student organizations meetings held within its walls every day. Its history dates back nearly 90 years now yet remains relevant today as ever before – providing students with memories they’ll never forget long after graduation day passes them by.

Gregory Gymnasium is an incredible and historical place.  Visiting it allows you to experience its unique history while also enjoying all that it offers in terms of sports activities, fitness classes, and other amenities. 

Important Information to Remember

  • Address: 2101 Speedway, Austin, TX 78712, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: +15124713116
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 6 AM to 12 PM- Friday 6 AM–10 PM, Hours might differ- Saturday, 8 AM–10 PM- Saturday, 8 AM–10 PM