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Austin Deck Builders – Design & Installation offers commercial and residential deck and pergola services for the greater Austin area for years. We specialize in quality custom decks & pergolas specifically tailored for your individual needs.

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Austin Deck Builders offers commercial and residential deck building services for the greater Austin area for years. We specialize in quality custom decks specifically tailored for your individual needs.

An excellent and better outdoor experience at home!

Austin Deck Builders – Design & Installation has the experience and expertise to design your custom deck and pergolas. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to ensure that your needs are met while designing and installing quality and unique products for any project size or budget materials desired!

Why Choose Us

The construction industry is a competitive business, making it difficult for clients in need of a deck installation or deck replacement done right – from start to finish, and those who want their decks built well at all costs.

If you require a decking service with an eye for detail, come to the professionals at Austin Deck Builders – Design & Installation in Austin, Tx. Our highly skilled team will go above and beyond your expectations to provide overall structural integrity, and quality of workmanship tailored explicitly towards what you want.

When you need to customize your project, there’s no better company than  Austin Deck Builders. We’ll work with any budget, and we’re happy to answer all of your questions about the process when it comes time for our initial meeting.

We have an excellent team dedicated to ensuring every part of the process is handled responsibly and professionally by contractors experienced amply in meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality standards across any step along the way. You deserve more than just good; you’re getting excellent service because that’s what you deserve!

Our Services

Deck Installation

We will provide you with quality decks and help you delve into all the possibilities for building your dream deck. We are here to give you the deck you dream of at an affordable cost that will not break your budget.

Deck Replacement

With the proper care and consideration, your old deck can be remodeled to look like new. We can give your old deck a new look with our deck replacement services.


We offer a wide variety of services for pergola design and installation. Our expert craftsmen are available to tackle all your needs.


Here are some helpful tips on how to choose a deck builder in Austin, TX.

  • Try to ask around for some recommendations or referrals
  • One convenient way is through Google. Type your keyword, check out the sites, read some reviews, and you’re done!
  • After Googling, find a way to contact them either over the phone or via email
  • Meet the expert to discuss the project.  Meeting them online is also okay. There’s Zoom and lots of other ways for online communication,
  • Get estimates from various options. Don’t check out one deck builder. Check out some of their competitors as well. See what fits your budget, and the ones that you think can do things for you.
  • When everything looks good, that’s the time to decide whom to choose.

But, hold your horses first! You may have already found the best deck builder in Austin.  The question is, do you already have a permit to build a deck in Austin, TX?  Since every state in the US has its federal laws, try to find out first if you do need a permit for deck-building or not.  You will be wasting time and money securing one. 

The truth to the matter is, you need to secure a permit. This includes pools, pergolas, patios, yards, lawn, and, yes, decks!  It doesn’t matter if the alterations are done inside or outside your house.  You should get a permit for it for all kinds of work from mechanical, plumbing to electrical jobs, to name a few.

If you don’t have time, we do! If you need to secure a permit for composite decking or any renovation, let us handle the works!

Because of the building codes set by the Texas state government, getting an application varies from city to city. There is a need to disclose basic details about your property and the nature of the project. In this case, your deck building project during the permit application processing.

Here are a few of the requirements you may need to secure:

  • Address of the property
  • Owner’s name and contact details
  • Information of the contractor, architect, or engineer working on the project. This includes names, addresses, and other contact details
  • Proposed use of the building (or specific project)
  • Type of work
  • Job Description
  • Total valuation of the project

Like Austin, other cities in Texas may ask for supplemental information on the property, the proposed plan, and the project itself. This includes the dimensions of certain structures. For most building permit applications in Texas, you will also need to submit plans for the project.

If you don’t have the time to secure these permits, or you’re in a labyrinth of securing what and how then we are the labyrinth-of-deck-building permits! Contact us for more information like these!

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Other Permits Required for Deck Building

You may need to get additional permits depending on the work you are planning to do in Texas. For instance, for deck building, some other permits go with it.

These may include:

  • Mechanical permits
  • Electrical permits
  • Plumbing permits
  • Demolition permits (may also be required if needed, or some demolition also needs to be done). 

Other cities in the state may also require concrete permits for public sidewalks and right-of-ways, sign permits, and development permits.

To know what other types of permits you need to procure, your local Building Department can advise what additional licenses you need. Just keep in mind that you must receive all required permits before construction can begin. If none, this can subject you to fines and penalties, and it may even be the reason that the completion of your project can be delayed or, worse, denied.

Let Us Help

Austin Deck Builders can help you through every phase to ensure that your deck is completed on time and within budget. From permits to design and construction, you’ll be in good hands with us!  Our deck-building professionals have the experience, skills and are very competent! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; that’s why we aim to deliver what other companies cannot offer in this industry.

So, when it comes to building decks, you won’t have to worry about a thing with our top-notch deck-building services.

Contact us now to get started!